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What Our Parents Say

At ERCDC, we believe that your child's education and development is a collaborative process between you, your child's teachers, and administration. Check out what ERCDC families have to say about us!

"We could not be happier with our experience at ERCDC. Our daughter first enrolled at four months old and the center has been there for every milestone into toddlerhood. The teachers and administration feel like a second family. The level of detail and dedication they have shown through the pandemic has been such a relief and comfort as a first time parent. Looking forward to years to come at ERCDC!"

Alex L.

"Come to ERCDC--you won't be disappointed! What is important to us is the people and at ERCDC we found the best people that could take care of our son. He's been through several classes and different teachers. Each one of them brought something new to help him grow and develop in a very safe environment. It has everything we looked for when it comes to a child development center."

- Hela F.

"Thank you to our friends at Embassy Row for taking great care of our boys. It was comforting to know that they were safe and loved during the day. We enjoyed getting frequent updates from their teachers and loved hearing about their friends at school and what they learned!"

Alison L.

"ERCDC is more than just administrators and teachers—we moved to Washington just as the pandemic started, and they really felt like our daughter's extended family. We're forever grateful to everyone at ERCDC for helping her develop so well, and for all the love and support they offered along the way. We couldn't have asked for a better program."

Colin W.

"We loved our time at ERCDC! Our daughter started as a full-time student when she was only three months old and just finished her tenure after more than 3 years of attending the school - that last day was hard! She loved her friends and teachers at Embassy Row and we loved the staff, support, and care that we got from the center. This daycare offers convenience, clarity of care and what is more important, it is clear that teachers and staff love our children and will take the best care of all of them. It's been only a few days since our last day and not a single day passed by that I don't wonder how my friends at ERCDC are doing."


Maria V. 

"Since we started sending our son to ERCDC, we have appreciated knowing that he is loved and well-cared for by so many individuals. We have never had a doubt that each teacher at ERCDC is looking out for him, even if he or she is not our son's 'official' teacher. They all know him as an individual and truly care about him. We know this is true for every other child at ERCDC as well."


Lalla M.

"Our daughter loves being at ERCDC. From her teachers to the staff, we know she is well cared for in addition to growing academically, physically and emotionally. Highly recommend ERCDC to anyone looking for a tight-knit daycare center that provides personal and tender care to little ones. "

Pari K.

"As first time parents, it is not easy to send your child off to daycare, but we feel so blessed that we went through this process with Embassy Row. We quickly found that our daughter was in great hands with wonderful teachers, staff and administration who genuinely cared about her development and wellbeing. The teachers shared updates, photos, and progress daily, which really gave us peace of mind as parents. We watched our daughter learn, grow, and thrive while attending this school. But most importantly, our daughter loved everyone she encountered at the school, clearly felt safe and happy to be there, and was excited about attending each day! We also appreciated the community feel the school fostered with frequent events, educational programming for parents, and an active PTA. We cannot thank Embassy Row enough and highly recommend them to other parents!"

-Emily J.

"Find a place in a convenient location to work or home, where you know your child is well cared for all day and is learning how to be a kind and respectful person. If you are lucky enough to be at ERCDC, your child will learn a lot of new skills, too! It is important to find a place where you can easily give and receive feedback about your child on a day-to-day basis."

Kelly M.

The Jankowski Family

The Chakerian Family

The Chronister Family

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