meet our team

administrative staff

Ms. Lidi NEW

Ms. Lidiani Baskin


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Ms. Kiley Roha


Ms. Savanna NEW.jpg

Ms. Savanna Galvan Ramos

Administrative Assistant


Our Lead Teachers have degrees in Early Childhood Education or a field of study related to Education, or a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential. All staff members have training to administer CPR and First Aid. Several teachers and administrators have certificates in Safe Food Handling Practices and Medication Administration.


All our staff have also undergone COVID-19 Training, including COVID-19 Protocol, curriculum, social distancing, health screening, and self-care. On-site staff are required to have regular COVID-19 testing. Per Mayor's Order 2021-109, all staff is required to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Our teaching staff continuously undergo education and are required to:

  • Receive a minimum of 40 hours of professional development per year

  • Before starting, all staff must undergo:

    • FBI criminal background clearance

    • Child Registry Report

    • Police clearance

    • Drug Testing

    • CPR and First Aid Certification

  • ​Staff must provide:

    • At least three positive references

    • Documentation of all credentials

    • Health certificate ensuring they are free from any communicable diseases including TB.

All staff members are subject to initial and random drug and alcohol testing. All screenings and reports are updated annually.


"Guppies A"

(6 weeks to 6 months)


Ms. Gisela

Ms. Johnnay.jpeg

Ms. Johnnay

Ms Celia.jpg

Ms. Celia

"Guppies B"

(7 months to 12 months)

Ms Jennyffer.jpg

Ms. Jennyffer

Ms Roxana.jpeg

Ms. Roxana


"Sea Turtles"

(13 months to 18 months)

Ms. Noeline.jpg

Ms. Noeline

Ms. Mari.jpeg

Ms. Mari

Mr Mike.jpg

Mr. Michael

(19 months to 23 months)


Ms. Elizabeth

Ms Julissa.jpeg

Ms. Julissa


Ms. Roberta

younger preschoolers

(24 months to 2 years, 10 months)

Ms. Melissa NEW.jpg

Ms. Melissa


Ms. LaCrystal

Ms Leslie.jpg

Ms. Leslie



(2 years, 11 months to 3 years, 5 months)


Ms. Elica

Ms. Nicole.jpeg

Ms. Nicole


"Baby Sharks"

(3.5 years to 5 years)

Mr. Dave

Mr. Dave

Ms. Taylor NEW.jpg

Ms. Taylor



Ms. Maria


Ms. Maggie

Ms. Savanna NEW.jpg

Ms. Savanna

Ms Nataly.jpeg

Ms. Nataly