About Us

Embassy Row Child Development Center

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality care and education for preschool children in an international and multicultural environment, by professional educators who are inspired, guided, and enabled by Christian love. Our mission is achieved by our commitment to create a culture that is marked by our values.

Our Values



Through an age-appropriate curriculum and numerous extra-curricular learning experiences in faith, art, music, language, and recreation, children are provided an early (and enjoyable) experience of academic and social development.  Also, learning opportunities and support are offered to parents for proficiency in the ‘high calling’ of parenting.




Due to unique international educational experiences here on ‘Embassy Row’, children are provided exceptional opportunities to understand and appreciate a diversity of nationalities, cultures, faiths, and languages, as well as a diversity of economic and social experiences.




Given the encouragement to understand and appreciate our diversity, children are also provided opportunity to celebrate what is the same (and special) about all of us – family, friendships, growth, and learning – all that unites us as human beings.




Our loving and affirming environment encourages the creative expression of students, parents and teachers.  Freedom of creativity is expressed in lessons, story-telling, artistry, and songs.




Compassion for one another is expressed not only in kindnesses and loving expressions, but also in celebrations of personal joys and successes as well as prayers and support for illnesses and distresses. 




Through care and communication we achieve all and face all challenges.  Much attention is paid to ensuring open, honest, and constructive communication between directors, teachers, parents, and students.  Constant communication is provided to parents regarding the progress and accomplishments of their child.  Also, parents are encouraged to be active in participation with the Parent’s Association and other parent/child activities.




All practical and prayerful attentiveness is given to providing a sanitary and secure environment for the safety, wellness, and successfulness of each individual child.




Spiritual exploration and development is also one of our distinctive features as children are provided age-appropriate opportunities to enjoy and be inspired by Bible stories, songs, and prayers.

Preparing and Caring for Children of All Nations