Dear ERCDC Parent,

Welcome to ERCDC! We are pleased to partner with you in your child’s journey of learning and growth. ERCDC provides a safe and nurturing environment in order to create a developmentally appropriate learning experience for your child. We believe that creative early education will make a positive difference in your child’s experience, especially in the most wonder-full part of their life when learning begins.

Please download and read the following:

Now that you are officially enrolled at ERCDC, please download and fill out the forms below. When finished, please email them to or drop them off during business hours at our location:

1. Enrollment Agreement (if you have not filled it out yet)

2. Parent Acknowledgement of Handbook

3. DC Certificate of Health (to be renewed annually)

4. DC Oral Health Certificate (for children ages 3 and up)

5. Travel and Activity Authorization

6. Registration Record for Child Receiving Care Away from Home

7. Authorization for Child's Emergency Medical Treatment

8. Start Date Agreements

9. Emergency Information Card

10. COVID-19 Parental Notice and Waiver

11. Medication Authorization Form, if applicable 

For your reference, here are the Good Food Co menus for 2020: