Embassy Row Child Development Center (ERCDC) has year-round open enrollment.

To start the application process at ERCDC, or get on our waitlist:

  1. Fill out our Application Form here

  2. Registration:

    • Print or download the ERCDC Enrollment Form (PDF), and sign it

    • We will provide you with an Enrollment Packet that includes all the forms (including health forms)

    • Complete your Enrollment Packet and return it by:

      • emailing us at ​

      • or, dropping it off in-person

    • Registration Fee: $75

    • Enrollment Deposit Fee: One full month's tuition (see tuition rates here)

    • Upon acceptance to the program, you need to complete all the forms in the Enrollment Packet

  3. Enrollment: ​​​

    • Attend a meeting with us at least two weeks before your child's start date

      • Bring your signed enrollment packet

      • We'll discuss your child's program with you

      • We'll answer any questions you have on policies and procedures


  • Note: We are no longer holding spaces and operate on a first-come, first-served basis. You can apply to be on our waitlist here.

We look forward to meeting your family!